Russian Federation discuss opening noncommunicable disease centre in Moscow

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As part of its strong commitment to addressing noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and sharing knowledge throughout the WHO European Region, the Russian Federation has expressed interest in opening a WHO/Europe centre on NCDs in Moscow.

As part of the European trip, which took place between 19-21 August 2013, the Russian Federation delegation has said it will report on progress towards opening the NCD centre at the sixty-third session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe, in September 2013.

Stephen Connor, a research fellow from the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance said: “Opening a centre on NCD’s in Moscow is a very positive development that we hope will lead to increased support for palliative care in the Russian Federation. The final WHO report on NCD’s has numerous references to palliative care and includes palliative care as one of the 25 indicators countries will report on. “

As part of the visit, the delegation – led by Dr S. Axelrod, deputy director of the department of international cooperation and public relations at the Ministry of Health – visited the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health in Bonn, Germany  – one of WHO/Europe’s geographically dispersed technical offices.

The first steps towards developing a country cooperation strategy for WHO and the Russian Federation were also established, following agreement between WHO/Europe and the Ministry of Health.

This type of strategy fosters policy coherence and ensures WHO collaboration in strategic areas; these benefit not only the Member State concerned but also countries to which it gives development aid.

The Russian Federation would be the second country in the European Region, after Switzerland, to develop a country cooperation strategy.

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