Sharing learning – Hospis Malaysia hosts delegations from Bhutan and Japan

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Japanese visit

Jobu University in Japan organised an educational tour for their nursing students to Malaysia to learn about how hospitals, nursing homes and hospices operate in that country.

The University elected Hospis Malaysia as the hospice to visit and to observe how palliative care nurses provide professional palliative care in a community/home based setting.

Bhutan visit

A group of officers from the Kingdom of Bhutan, under the sponsorship of the Bhutan Civil Society Organisation (CSO), visited Hospis Malaysia to learn about NGO management and home based palliative care.

According to Hospis Malaysia’s ‘Berita’ newsletter, the group was led by the Executive Secretary of the CSO to visit several NGOs in Malaysia and Thailand with the purpose of learning more about:

  • the activities/missions of the selected NGOs
  • the management methods of the organisation
  • sources of funding; and
  • problems faced by the organisation, as well as solutions to these.

During their visit, the Bhutan CSO were able to discuss the various challenges faced by Hospis Malaysia in running a charitable organization, the importance of a governance structure for the organization despite its charitable status, and aspects of community based palliative care.

Sharing learning

Dr Ednin Hamzah, CEO and Medical Director of Hospis Malaysia, said: “Much of the evolution of Hospis Malaysia has been achieved by both reflecting on the situation in Malaysia as well as observing and learning from the experiences of palliative care internationally, particularly from our colleagues in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, the UK and Canada.

“In recent years, we are in turn honoured that visitors from other countries are coming to us to learn about our practices. This sharing and reflecting of ideas and best practices from palliative care workers around the world enhances the efforts that we are all doing for our patients with life limiting illnesses.” 

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