Sixth Sardinian-European Meeting of Palliative Care

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In a blog posted on the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) website, Franco explains how five years ago his life radically changed when he moved to Sardinia:

“Sardinia is a fantastic place: an Italian island in the Mediterranean with a population of about three million,” he writes.  But there was one big problem for Franco: “Palliative care had not yet spread very far. I had been professionally engaged in palliative care for 30 years so, together with my wife, Heidi Blumhuber (CEO of the EAPC), we started to think what we could do to improve palliative care for patients in Sardinia.”

The opportunity came in 2008 when Franco was organising a board meeting of the EAPC in Sardinia. “Why not take advantage of the fact that some of the key practitioners and major researchers in palliative care were here together in Sardinia and organise a conference?,” he continues.

Franco explains that at that first meeting in 2008, many Italian health scientists took part, as well as palliative care researchers and practitioners from other parts of Europe, including Maria Nabal, Per Sjøgren, Stein Kaasa, Phil Larkin, Sheila Payne and Lukas Radbruch.

Due to its success, this meeting has now become an annual event for all those interested in palliative care and the sixth meeting of the Sardinian-European Meeting of Palliative Care will be held in Olbia on 8-9 November 2013.

For this congress, Per Sjøgren, (Vice President of the EAPC), Stein Kaasa (Chairman of the Research Network of the EAPC) and Irene Higginson (Co-Chair of the 14th World Congress of the EAPC) will participate in the European session.

For more information and registration details please contact Chiara Demeglio, MC Relazioni Pubbliche SRL by telephoning: +39 (0)79 299 660, or visit the website.

Click here to see the full blog post on the European Association for Palliative Care website.

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