Study identifies clinical signs suggestive of impending death in patients with advanced cancer

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Now a new study published early online in Cancer, has revealed eight highly specific physical signs associated with death within three days in cancer patients.

The researchers identified eight bedside physical signs that, if present, strongly suggest that a patient will die within three days.

The signs include:

  1. non-reactive pupils
  2. decreased response to verbal stimuli
  3. decreased response to visual stimuli
  4. inability to close eyelids
  5. drooping of the nasolabial fold (which makes the face appear more relaxed)
  6. hyperextension of the neck (in which the head tilts back when the patient is lying down)
  7. grunting of vocal cords, and 
  8. upper gastrointestinal bleed.

Read the full commentary by ecancer online.

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