Team set to start work on international end of life research project

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Writing in his blog this week, Prof Clark says: “The new project starts on 1st March 2015 and is focussed on improving our understanding of interventions at the end life. It will take a global perspective and will adopt a broad definition of ‘interventions’ – from policy and advocacy initiatives to service level and clinical activity.  

“The project starts from the proposition that how we die has become a ‘contested space’ of competing perspectives. We need to learn more – in a comprehensive way – about interventions at the end of life that appear to have worked, as well as others which have run into problems.”

He also introduces the other members of the team who will be working with him on this project. They include:

  • Dr Shahaduz Zaman, who will conduct in-depth case studies in different international settings using multiple methods of enquiry, and will coordinate project-related activities.
  • Hamilton Inbadas, who will focus on desk-based data gathering, literature searches and reviews and the collection of primary data through interviews and surveys.
  • Catriona Forrest, public engagement officer, will help the researchers explain what it is they’re doing, why and for whom and ensure research findings are available in a useful form after the project finishes.

Read more about the team and the project on Prof Clark’s End of Life Studies blog – which will be updated over the course of the project.

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