The Buddhika Foundation Peaceful Death Project in Thailand

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Last month, at the National Health Security Office (NHSO) of Thailand, Ekkapop Sittiwantana, an initiator of the project, held a lunch talk about updates in Peaceful Death Project.

The main topic of the conversation was the changing attitude toward death. With the help of both private and public sector, a once taboo subject in Thailand, people tend to have a more accepting attitude toward death and dying.

National law , public policy, and NGO projects such as those supported by the Budddhika foundation also help increase public awareness about death.

The team also launched the latest book written by Ms. Patwajee Srisuwan: ‘Wise funeral’. The book contains knowledge about how to prepare a funeral in Thai contexts, covering issues such as: how to get a death certificate, where to get a coffin and an undertaker, how to hold a funeral wisely according to the Buddhist teaching, and even estimated expenses for the rite.

After the talk, Dr Winai Sawasdivorn, Secretary General of NHSO, stated that preparing for death is a very important issue in an ageing society such as Thailand.

Citizens, either sick or healthy, must prepare for their inevitable end in one way or another, said the Secretary General: “The question of how to reach the public is still a main challenge that we, NHSO, will have to think about.

“NHSO aim to coordinate a helping hand from the private sector so that we could improve palliative care policy and prepare the peaceful death for the people ever more.

“With a good start with NHSO, we hope that there will be more collaboration between the public sector and the private sector in the coming future.”

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