The Cancer Atlas launched at World Cancer Congress

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The Atlas, a joint initiative of the American Cancer Society, the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), is available in hard copy and online

“The atlas provides a one-stop-shop for the best information on cancer – a data set for planning cancer control activities, advocacy and clinical practice,” explained American Cancer Society CEO, John Seffrin, at the launch.

IARC director Christopher Wild added: “It doesn’t stop with descriptions but moves on to solutions to, for example, the inequality of access to knowledge. People will learn through regular use how to package information – to put power into the hands of decision makers.”

Over 3,000 people from over 110 countries have gathered in Melbourne for the 2014 World Cancer Congress, which began on 3 December and closes on 6 December.

At the start of the congress, delegates were welcomed by UICC President, Canada’s Mary Gospodarowicz, at an informal gathering where Victorian wildlife rangers introduced visitors to wombats and koalas which were much in demand for photo opportunities.

The congress is the only event which convenes international cancer control experts and leaders in global health under one roof to identify solutions and actions to reduce the impact of cancer on world communities. Issues for discussion include the cost of cancer treatment versus benefits – and the cost benefits of palliative care have already been raised.

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