‘The Heart of Hospice’ podcasts seek to build awareness of hospice and palliative care

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The majority of people in need of palliative care services are unaware and uninformed about the types of care that are available.

Through The Heart of Hospice podcast, website and blog, co-creators Helen Bauer and Jerry Fenter are on a mission to provide the general public with information that will assist them in making better and more informed decisions regarding hospice and palliative care for themselves or a loved one. 

The Heart of Hospice releases a new five minute podcast each week, and a full length episode once a month. 

Each episode is designed to give the most up-to-date information regarding hospice care, the types of care that a patient can expect while in hospice, and the team of people who will be providing that care. 

Bauer and Fenter also believe it’s important to emphasise self-care for both the personal family caregivers, and the professional hospice caregivers. 

“As co-creators of the Heart of Hospice projects, we talk a lot about self-care. That’s because we feel strongly about how important it is.

“If we as hospice caregivers (personal or professional) want to bring our best to the care of our patients, we have to take good care of ourselves along the way,” Bauer said.

The podcast can be found on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Stitcher Radio, or on The Heart of Hospice website at www.theheartofhospice.com.

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