The Lien Centre for Palliative Care inaugural conference 2012

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The theme of the conference was “Engaging research to advance palliative care.”

A range of international speakers, from Australia, Japan, USA as well as Singapore, shared their research and expertise on the impact of palliative care on patients and caregivers including 

  • the impact of palliative care on patients and caregivers
  • ethics of end of life decision-making 
  • best practices in palliative care 
  • palliative care in cancer and non-cancer settings.  

Speaking at the conference inaugural speech, Dr Amy Khor, Minister of State for Health for Singapore said, “high-quality research is urgently needed on palliative care in general and especially on palliative care for older people, given our rapidly ageing population and increasing prevalence of chronic debilitating conditions. Because of its multi-faceted nature, it is important that we develop a robust evidence base for the various dimensions of palliative care, including symptom control, palliative care for non-cancer illnesses and psychosocial care.”

The conference was attended by healthcare professionals, academics and researchers, policy makers, and social workers. 

A transcription of Dr Khor’s speech is available online.

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