The New Russian translation of the Global Atlas of Palliative Care

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The Russian translation of the second edition of the Global Atlas of Palliative Care (2020) was completed earlier this month. It is now available online on a few web-resources for specialists in palliative care including on the WHPCA website.

The Russian non-profit organizations, hospice charitable foundation Vera and Hospice Care Professionals Association collaborated on the meticulous translation of the manuscript to accurately convey every detail of the original text as published by the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance, in cooperation with the World Health Organization.

Scientific editors of the Russian translation are Diana Nevzorova – MD, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of the Hospice Care Professionals Association, Chief Specialist in Palliative Care of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, Director of the Federal Scientific and Practical Center for Palliative Care (Sechenov university), Senior Researcher of the N.A. Semashko National Research Institute of Public Health; and Anastasia Ustinova – junior researcher at Federal Scientific and Practical Center for Palliative Care (Sechenov University).

This publication is an important event, as the Russian palliative and hospice care professionals were looking forward to having a chance to read it in their own language. The first edition of the Atlas was widely used as an indispensable source of data on disease prevalence and estimates of the need for palliative care in various patient groups and populations. The second Atlas will also serve as an essential reference source, as it provides new estimates on need and disease prevalence, up-to-date information on progress in the development of palliative care around the world, obstacles for it, various models of organization in different countries, as well as recommendations for healthcare providers to help ensure access to palliative care for all who need it.

Undoubtedly, the new Atlas will be of great use for Russian healthcare organizers and various specialists working in palliative care.

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