US- $10,000 prize for end of life communications challenge

Categories: Care.

Submissions should promote awareness, create a compelling experience which leads to more people communicating their end of life preferences by having a conversation and completing a POLST form or an advance directive. They should aim to target non-activated people, and to direct people to existing advance care planning documents.

A design brief of 500 words is required, as well as a PowerPoint slideshow or video and further supplemental documentation can also be submitted.

The challenge is available for US residents, businesses or non-profit entities. Participants may enter as individuals or as small teams of approximately 5 people.

Winners will be selected and awarded as follows:

  • $5,000 – Best overall solution
  • $2,500 – Best solution focusing on advance directives
  • $2,500 – Best solution focusing on POLST.

The challenge deadline is 10 May 2013, and winners will be announced 29 May 2013.

More information can be found on the Healthcare Experience Design website

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