WHO launches NCD Virtual Global Discussion Forum

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The Forum aims to gain multi-stakeholder engagement to help transform recommendations from the recent GCM/NCD Dialogue Meeting into national policy, practice and actions on NCDs. 

WHO is inviting multiple international, national and civil society stakeholders engaged in activities associated with the control and prevention of NCDs from around the world to share their knowledge, resources and experience in and across countries.

Hospice and palliative care organisations are well placed to contribute to this discussion. It is important that you add your voice and opinion to help strengthen international cooperation on the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases.

The Global Virtual Discussion Forum will be the starting point of a Community of Practice on the new Global Coordination Mechanism (GCM) Web Portal. The theme of this Global Discussion Forum will be: 

  • How countries can leverage the many dimensions of international cooperation to complement their domestic resources, mobilise and accelerate progress on integrated national NCD responses and fulfil their commitments in the context of the NCD-related SDG targets.

Palliative care advocates have highlighted the need to broaden the focus of the NCD response from those under 70 years to all with NCDs including those under 30 and over 70. Another key theme is elevating access to essential medicines for NCDs including opioids. For more on these themes, see the recent ehospice article:  Palliative care advocates speak at WHO NCD Dialogue.

You can register for the Forum through the GCM portal.

All contributions will be acknowledged and the outcome of this Global Discussion Forum will be published and used to drive policy and practice at the country level

This is an exciting opportunity to add your voice to this important dialogue. This Global Virtual Discussion Forum will be launched by Dr Richard Horton, Editor in Chief of the Lancet, as keynote speaker and expert advisor, and supported by a team of Guest Experts, GMC/NCD participants and partners.

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