World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 13 November 2015

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End of life care is a universal right that functions as a white privilege

US – The Guardian

Minority Americans have less, and worse, access to palliative and end of life care even though they comprise 20% of the elderly here, writes Vaidehi Mujumdar.

Hospices ‘must take more inclusive approach to ageing Muslims’

UK – The Guardian

Report says rising numbers of elderly Muslims mean hospices must overcome barriers that have traditionally seen such patients shun their services.

Patients should talk frankly with their doctors about assisted dying

Canada – The Globe & Mail

It is the conversation we should all be having with our primary care doctors – if we are lucky enough to have one – before fate deals its inevitable blow.

Bayt Abdullah touts Rome document on children’s palliative care

Kuwait News Agency

Cofounder and manager of the Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice Margaret Al-Sayer welcomed on Thursday a recent world document on the right of children with life-threatening illnesses and their families to palliative care.

Wales the ‘only UK country’ to provide 24/7 end of life care

UK – ITV News

A new Welsh Government report says Wales is the only country in the UK to provide round-the-clock support and advice for people approaching the end of their lives.

Beautiful, painful, miraculous love


It’s been a hard few days at our Home. Hearts are not just broken, they are battered and torn into shreds. In 24 hours, we had said goodbye to two beautiful children – one child we knew intimately and loved unconditionally for 3 years, and another we had only just met, but loved from the instant we looked into her haunted eyes.

Hospice remains misunderstood and underutilized

US – Sheboygan Press

November is National Hospice Month, but I’m guessing you didn’t know that. You’ve probably heard of hospice and perhaps you’ve even had a loved one in a hospice program recently, but even so, there may be much that you still don’t know about hospice.

Hospice UK Conference 2015 report – day three

ehospice UK

Thursday was the final day of Hospice UK’s annual conference, with both art and science featuring throughout the day and two very different plenary sessions.

Grief – Your heart will always be a little bit broken

ehospice Ireland

Órla Ryan, a journalist with, writes about the death of her father and her journey with grief.

A toast to absent friends

ehospice UK

To Absent Friends, Scotland’s festival of storytelling and remembrance, drew to a close on 7 November, after an event-packed week in which groups and individuals took time out to remember and reflect upon loved ones who had died.

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