World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 16 June 2016

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House Of Death Or House Of Hope: First Belarusian Children’s Hospice

Belarus – Belarus Digest

On 16 June the new building of the Belarusian Children’s Hospice (BCH) will open its doors in Baraulyany, just 20 minutes outside of Minsk. First of a kind in the country, it has been helping terminally ill children and their families since 1994. They actually pioneered both: hospice and palliative care.

Washington Watch: high tech and home care

US – Public Opinion

By the year 2020, in just four years, it is estimated 117 million American will need help in their daily lives and there will only be some 50 million people – paid or not – to assist them. These are the latest figures according to a new report from the AARP.

It’s Time to Train All Doctors on How to Talk to Patients About End-of-Life Care

US – The Huffington Post

My neighbour asked me to help her husband die peacefully at home. This was not a request to hasten his death. Distressed by his marked physical deterioration, she reached out to me knowing I am a geriatrics and palliative care physician. This beloved older man had resiliently reached a major milestone birthday in the midst of steady functional decline with organ failure over months. Now, more interventions, even life support, would be needed to keep him alive much longer.

Roger’s House 10 years on: One mother’s story

Canada – Ottawa Citizen

When my son’s oncologist and two of his nurses gently broached the subject of palliative care and suggested a tour of Roger’s House, I looked around the hospital room to make sure they were talking to me.

LGBT people encountering prejudice and discrimination in end of life care

UK – Good Health Suite

LGBT people are concerned about the quality of end of life care they may receive with carers displaying prejudice or discrimination.

Music therapy easing pain for children with cancer

Australia – ABC

There is one room in the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital oncology ward where there are no doctors, no beds and no mention of cancer.

Richard House celebrates annual Volunteers’ Week

ehospice International Children’s edition

Last week Richard house celebrated Volunteers’ Week with a day filled with Rainforest themed activities.

Caring for a terminally ill mother inspires new poetry collection

ehospice Ireland

Award winning poet Monica Corish wrote her new collection, A Dying Language during the six months she cared for her terminally ill mother.

What is Geriatric medicine

ehospice Kenya

According to a 2011 report by Africa Economic Brief, the Population aging in most developing countries is highly correlated with physical and mental disability and an increase in the prevalence of a number of long term chronic conditions.

Meet Verah Lackay

ehospice South Africa

As we conclude our #HospiceVisits at Grahamstown Hospice, we meet Verah Lackay, a carer who is passionate about the work she does.

Improving palliative care for babies and their families

ehospice UK

Kathryn Chandler-Board, neonatal link sister at Haven House Children’s Hospice, writes about the importance of children’s hospices working with neonatal units.

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