World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 17 May 2016

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Dying Infants and No Medicine: Inside Venezuela’s Failing Hospitals

US – The New York Times

Venezuela — By morning, three newborns were already dead.

Medical school end-of-life care training ‘wanting’

UK – Onmedica

Nearly half of medical students say they received no end-of-life care training or advice before they first had contact with a dying patient, according to a GMC survey.

Body knows how to die; let it

US – the times-tribune

On June 9 California will allow physician-assisted suicide. Meanwhile, my state, Arizona, and a dozen or so others are considering their own “right to die” laws. As a hospice physician, about twice a year I am asked by a patient to prescribe a lethal dose of a medication. Oncologists report that up to half of their patients at least ask about it.

The Power of Palliative Care


It takes a well-coordinated team that includes patient, family, clinicians and others

Mass awareness rally on palliative care held

India – Kangla Online

With the aim for spreading awareness on palliative care, the Palliative Care Society, Imphal today organised a mass rally which was flagged off from Kangla Western Gate by All Manipur Working Journalist Union (AMJWU) president Wangkhemcha Shamjai.

MPs open up about personal struggles with assisted dying bill

US – CBC News

Government’s physician-assisted dying bill has struck a personal nerve for many politicians.

Right to die? Here’s what you need to know about the euthanasia debate

India – F. India

Former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju, while dealing with a case regarding passive euthanasia, had quoted an evocative line written by the Urdu post Mirza Ghalib—”Marte hain aarzoo mein marne ki/maut aati hai par nahi aati.”  The apex court’s judgment in March 2011 gave rise to a debate on the ethics surrounding euthanasia, and gave rise to the question of whether the right to die could be included as a part of the right to life.

Hamilton brothers get ride of their life

New Zealand – Waikato Times

Many men dream to ride around in a fast car, and two Hamilton brothers got to do just that at Hospice Waikato’s Race for Life.

Cost of cancer treatment increases in Italy

Italy – West

In Italy, the costs of cancer diagnosis and treatment across the NHS are increasing.

Creating joy through music at life’s end

US – Daily Inter

Jenna Justice thinks about death a lot in her role as a hospice music therapist.

How We Die: It’s Less about Who You Are and More About Where You Live

 US – GeriPal

Doctors want to believe that they will die differently than the rest of the US. Just look at the 2011 essay written by Dr. Ken Murray, “How Doctors Die,” that went viral when he described that doctors are more likely to die at home with less aggressive care.

Death cafe: Tea, cake and mortality


For many of us death is the last great unmentionable subject.

Death: An Important Conversation to Have

ehospice International Children’s edition

Clare Periton, CEO of Helen & Douglas House, shares her thoughts on the theme of last week’s Dying Matters Week – the Big Conversation and the importance of discussing death.

Journey of Hope

ehospice South Africa

Can you imagine that feeling as a parent when a doctor says that there is nothing more they can do for your child? That it is just a matter of time before you need to say goodbye?

Horticulture sessions help hospice patients

ehospice UK

Phyllis Tuckwell has recently introduced new table-top gardening sessions, allowing patients who are living with serious progressive illnesses to benefit from social and therapeutic horticulture.

Racial disparities among women with advanced breast cancer

ehospice USA

The Journal of Clinical Oncology has published a study that investigates racial disparities in medication use and end-of-life care among women with Stage IV breast cancer.

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