World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 18 February 2016

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At 80, This Former Nun Is Helping Sick Ugandans Die Painlessly

Uganda – Take Part

With medical care sorely lacking in the African nation, some are working to ease suffering.

Royal College of Art students collaborate with London hospice to ‘re-style’ the experience of death

UK – The Independent

The pioneering project aims to enhance palliative care for the patients, but also to bring ideas and discussion about a difficult subject to a wider audience. Lauren Razavi considers the remodelling of mortality.

Why doctors choose to die differently


There comes a time for every person when his or her identity is gone, and the quality of life should be valued more than the mere presence of it.

Janice Preston: Cancer patients need more than just treatment

UK – The Scotsman

The number of survivors is increasing, writes Janice Preston, and they need help with every aspect of life.

Music and palliative care

Canada –

Those last hours with dad are still etched in my heart. In Room 217 at the Uxbridge Cottage Hospital, my family was around dad’s bedside singing the songs he loved. I saw with my eyes and experienced with my heart how music companioned dad in his final transition. It was a gift, wrapped with the ribbon of comfort and release.

How can end of life care be improved?

UK – Nursing Times

This isn’t a rhetorical question, Ann Lee, CEO of St Maragret’s hospice, is looking to put ideas into action. Here’s how you can get involved.

Indian autumns

India – New Zealand Doctor Blog

Whanganui GP Marion Taylor finds the bliss of pure relaxation and the adrenaline rush of pure terror, in southern India.

“It’s a joy to work here”: A day in the life of a hospice head of education

ehospice UK

Robert Standfield is head of education at St Richard’s Hospice in Worcester. Here he tells us about his typical day at work.

Joint Commission to launch new Community-Based Palliative Care add-on certification

ehospice USA

This year, The Joint Commission will offer a new Community-Based Palliative Care (CBPC) certification program for accredited home care organizations that provide palliative care services. The add-on certification will be implemented July 1, 2016.

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