World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 26 February 2016

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How palliative care helps people with Parkinson’s

US – Village News

On Jan. 22, the Fallbrook Parkinson’s Support Group heard about “Parkinson’s Disease and Palliative Care” from Keleigh Reyes, BHA, MBA.

Improving end of life care for people with dementia

UK – Care Home

People with dementia are failing to get the end of life care that people with cancer receive, according to a leading academic.

TED Radio Hour- Rethinking Death

US – News Talk

TED speakers contemplate the end of life with wisdom and humor.

Poor end-of-life care experienced by 48,000 people (in the UK)


An estimated 48,000 people who died last year experienced poor care when dying, says a report from seven charities including Macmillan.

How to Start an End-of-Life Book Club in Your Community

US – Huffington Post

If you are interested in overcoming our society’s fear of death and improving the way we handle the dying process, you might consider starting a year-long end-of-life book club in your community.

Teaching the Skill Your Doctor Most Needs: Understanding

US – UNLV News Center

How UNLV’s School of Medicine is ensuring its students transform into compassionate healers, ready to help patients face end-of-life decisions.

‘Pillars of the community’: why the NHS needs more district nurses

UK – The Guardian

Community nurses are central to the NHS’s plans to provide out-of-hospital care, but their numbers are falling.

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