World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 9 November 2015

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Bundestag votes against ‘commercial’ assisted suicides

Germany – Deutsche Welle

After a year of debate on the sensitive issue, the lower house of German parliament has voted in favour of banning assisted suicides performed by associations.

In 15 years of medicine I’ve had only one conversation about euthanasia

Australia – The Guardian

In political debate, euthanasia is a febrile ‘wedge issue’. But in my clinical experience, end of life care is centred on patients’ tenacity and will to live, writes Ranjana Srivastava.

Euthanasia isn’t a substitute for palliative care at the end of life

Australia – Sydney Morning Herald

I agree there are problems with how Australians are dying, but I think access to good-quality palliative care can change that, writes Richard Chye.

End of life care: we can do better

Australia – In Daily

Sitting with her mother in Daw House as she battled severe heart failure convinced Labor MP and former nurse Nat Cook that a new palliative care centre is needed.

Racial disparities exist in end of life care for dialysis patients

US – Science Codex

African American, Native American, and Asian dialysis patients were 43% to 44% less likely than whites to use hospice before dying.

There is more we can do in Wales to improve end of life care, says cancer expert

UK – Wales Online

Macmillan Cancer Support head of services Susan Morris claims end of life care needs to be a two-way conversation between patients and clinicians.

New panel to advise on palliative care services

New Zealand – Scoop

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says a new expert panel will provide advice to the Ministry of Health on palliative care services for adults.

Morbid but fascinating: The Quality of Death Index, where South Africa and Uganda lead, and Nigeria trails

Mail & Guardian Africa

South Africa tops the overall African rankings in the quality of end of life care, with a score of 48.5 out of a possible 100. Uganda comes in second, at 47.8 and Ghana is third, at 34.3.

Beyond aromatherapy: what you need to know about me as I die

ehospice Australia

Jeanette Liebelt understands the importance of thinking beyond music and aromatherapy when providing person-centred palliative care.

Men urged to grow ‘mos’ in Movember

ehospice South Africa

Khanya Hospice appeals to all Upper South Coast men to grow their moustaches in support of ‘Movember’.“For Movember we are thinking of the men, particularly with testicular and prostate cancer, including all the other cancers that men also get,” said Khanya Hospice CEO, Neil McDonald.

Facts about hospice care

ehospice USA

Hospice isn’t a place. It’s a type of care that focuses on living … living as fully as possible, up until the end of life. Hospice brings comfort, love, and respect to the patients and families they care for.

New Scottish charity helps hospitals develop palliative care services

ehospice UK

Last month saw the national launch of PATCH – a charity set up specifically to ensure that hospital patients have access to specialist palliative care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.