World media roundup – 13 February 2014

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MSc student publishes in India

Cicely Saunders Institute

MSc student Dr Taranjit Singh has written an article about the lack of access to pain medication in India, which has been published in the Hindustan Times.

Morphine needed in paediatric care, experts appeal to govt

India- dna

Children’s doctors from around the world are appealing to the Indian government to ease its norms for making morphine available for paediatric care.

InfoPAL: Madrid’s palliative care services turning point

Spain- EAPC blog

Dr María Teresa García-Baquero Merino, Head of Madrid Regional Palliative Care Office, Spain, and a UK-trained Palliative Medicine Consultant, introduces Madrid’s electronic palliative care records system.

Palliative care shortens ICU, hospital stays, review data show

US- The Oncology Report

Palliative care in the intensive care unit reduces the length of stay in the ICU and the hospital without changing mortality rates or family satisfaction, according to a review of the literature.

New study evaluates the concept of advance care planning

Germany- Medical Xpress

A new study has evaluated the concept of advance care planning, an approach that helps individuals to develop, articulate and document wishes regarding the limits of medical treatment in future medical situations when they are no longer able to make decisions themselves.

Judge dismisses assisted suicide case against Pennsylvania nurse

US- npr

A county judge has thrown out an assisted suicide case against a nurse accused of homicide for allegedly handing her 93-year-old father a bottle of morphine. Legal experts say such cases are increasingly rare – a sign that attitudes about end of life decisions are changing.

Mindfulness meditation may improve decision making

Health Canal

One 15-minute focused-breathing meditation may help people make smarter choices, according to new research.

Poor conditions early in life may lead to health problems for many elderly in the developing world

Health Canal

Well-intended efforts to improve infant and child health in the developing world in the mid-20th century could be linked with increased risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease for people born during this period when they reach older age, a University of Michigan researcher found.

Oscar-nominated documentary looks at prison hospice

Here and Now

Interview with Edgar Barens, director of ‘Prison terminal: the last days of Private Jack Hall’, a film about the hospice program at the Iowa State Penitentiary.

Pulling the plug on DNR

Over 65 blog

Confusion about the meaning of DNR orders persists, nearly 40 years after they were introduced.

Better palliative care needed for those with dementia

ehospice Australia

Palliative Care Australia (PCA) and Alzheimer’s Australia converged on Parliament House to promote the need for better palliative care for people with dementia.

5 reasons why music makes connections in Advanced Dementia

ehospice Canada

In dementia, neural pathways and connections become interrupted. But music can help make connections in people with advanced dementia:

National Pain Foundation returns

ehospice USA

The National Pain Foundation returns with a refocused mission to transform pain management on a global scale.

Nairobi Hospice CEO speaks on palliative care in a TV interview

ehospice Kenya

Dr Birgid Sirengo, CEO Nairobi Hospice speaks on palliative care at Kenya Television Network (KTN).

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