World media roundup – 16 April 2014

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Palliative care for patients with chronic illnesses

Kuala Lumpur- New Straits Times 

Organised by Hospis Malaysia, the ‘New Face of Palliative Care’ photo exhibition introduces a new identity for palliative care through a globally-recognised symbol and raising its awareness among all walks of life, to begin with.

Campaign urges end of life planning

New Zealand- Stuff

Today marks New Zealand’s first Conversations that Count day – a national awareness campaign aimed at encouraging Kiwis to plan their end of life care.

New technique predicts consciousness of brain-damaged patients


Researchers have discovered that a particular type of brain imaging, positron emission tomography, may be able to determine which vegetative patients will recover.

Knowing when to give up a terminal illness fight may help people to enjoy the end of their lives better

Canada- National Post

“The question that my patient has encouraged me to mull over amounts to: Is all that effort worth it?” writes Dr James Aw.

How do you know when it’s time to refuse treatment for incurable cancer?

UK – The Guardian

Article by Kate Granger, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer aged 29 and chose to have palliative chemotherapy to prolong her life.

The challenge of being present with my daughter as my father is dying

The Huffington Post blog

Personal post about the challenges of parenting when a close family member is dying.

Preliminary development and validation of a new end of life patient-reported outcome measure assessing the ability of patients to finalise their affairs at the end of life


This paper describes the preliminary development and evaluation of a new, single-item, end of life patient-reported outcome measure (EOLPRO) designed to capture changes in the ability of patients to finalise their affairs at the end of life.

Video on the difference between empathy and sympathy…

Life and Death Matters blog

This blog post highlights a three-minute video talking about the difference between empathy and sympathy.

Card game pushes families to discuss death

CSN Philly

My Gift of Grace is a ‘conversation game’ where players are prompted with up to 47 different questions, which they answer in writing before sharing with the group.

Decision-making about complementary and alternative medicine by cancer patients: integrative literature review

ehospice Canada

Summary of a recent study which looked at decision making in cancer patients.

High incidences of cancer call for palliative care in Murang’a

ehospice Kenya

Plans are underway for Murang’a Hospital to meet the needs of increased patients with life threatening illnesses.

Goldfields hospice shares their success stories

ehospice South Africa

Goldfields hospice, situated in Free State, South Africa shares their patient success stories with us.

Death and taxes: the time of year when people are thinking about both

ehospice USA

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization encourages all Americans to learn about Advance Care Planning on National Healthcare Decisions Day, April 16, 2014.

Take a breath and have the conversation

ehospice UK

Sometimes, just sometimes, life makes you take a step back and reflect on what you’ve got – but also what you might lose. Last September life did that to me.

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