World media roundup – 16 May 2014

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Prioritising palliative care

The Lancet

“The time has come for health professionals and health systems to consider palliative options seriously at the earliest stages of the cancer journey, and to enable a shared care model that involves palliative specialists in multidisciplinary treatment of patients.”

The end of life conversation: why doctors and patients should have it

Huffington Post

“To many, death is a mark of failure. But it’s also a natural part of the life cycle. When doctors avoid difficult discussions about the end of life, they do a disservice to patients, who deserve frank and honest dialogue about the end of life.”

Treatment or comfort: why must dying patients choose?

US- Changing the way we die

Insurance rules keep people from getting the end of life care they need.

Next frontier: How can modern medicine help dying patients achieve a ‘good’ death?

Canada-Science Codex

The overall quality of death of cancer patients who die in an urban Canadian setting with ready access to palliative care was found to be good to excellent in the large majority of cases, helping to dispel the myth that marked suffering at the end of life is inevitable.

Brookside gives donations to Nakuru cancer patients

Kenya- All Africa

Kenyans have been asked to go for early diagnosis of cancer so that it can be managed in its early stages. Nakuru Hospice CEO, Elizabeth Ndung’u, said early diagnosis enables medics to offer palliative care to patients suffering from the disease.

Is standard oncology care killing patients?


Consideration of the study which reported that early palliative care prolongs survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

People living with HIV at higher risk of cancers caused by smoking or viruses, but not all cancers


The risk of cancer is increased twofold for people with HIV compared to individuals in the general population, Danish investigators report in the online edition of AIDS.

County Government to support Nakuru Hospice

ehospice Kenya

Nakuru County has promised to support Nakuru Hospice with additional staff and drugs pending inclusion of hospice care in the county health budget in the next financial budget plans.

Celebrating our volunteers: my voluntary work in biography

ehospice Australia

One of a series of profiles on ehospice for National Volunteer Week, a time to celebrate and thank all of our amazing palliative care volunteers.

Celebrating International Nurses Day: Meet Sister Dina Arends

ehospice South Africa

Today we chat to Dina Arends, a nurse from Knysna Sedgefield Hospice in Western Cape, South Africa.

Hospices get creative for Dying Matters Week

ehospice UK

A roundup of a few things hospices in the UK have been doing this week to mark the 5th annual Dying Matters Week.

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