World Media Roundup – 20 August 2014

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Twitter grief is real grief

The New Republic

To its critics, collective mourning – which over the past decade has increasingly become part of our lives on and offline – epitomises the narcissistic “me-too” shallows of our media culture at its worst, not to mention a tawdry preoccupation with celebrity.

Palliative care initiative volunteers visit MVR

The New Indian Express

Volunteers of the Initiative for Rehabilitation and Palliative Care have paid a visit to M V Raghavan, the ailing CMP leader, as part of its district-level outreach programme.

A week in the life of a pain and palliative care trainee – epilogue

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists blog

One participant in the ASHP Foundation Pain & Palliative Care Traineeship shares what she has learned.

Cardiac death rates fall across Europe


Death rates from heart disease and stroke are falling overall across Europe, but there are widely variable rates in different countries, according to a study published in the European Heart Journal.

Heart disease and strokes have dropped in the US in last decade

Health Canal

Yale School of Medicine researchers report that the rates of US hospitalizations and deaths from heart disease and stroke dropped significantly in the last decade, more so than for any other condition.

Becoming disabled: a woman photographs her life with MS

BBC News

On discovering she had multiple sclerosis, Patricia Lay-Dorsey decided to photograph how her body and her life have altered, and how she feels about it.

PCA President Patsy Yates receives international award

ehospice Australia

Palliative Care Australia President Patsy Yates has been selected to receive the International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame Award.

Have your say – New Australian Palliative Care Standards

ehospice Australia

Palliative Care Australia is consulting on the new edition of its palliative care standards.

Doctor earns major award

ehospice Canada

Dr Eric Wasylenko will receive the 2014 Dr William Marsden Award in Medical Ethics, one of the Canadian Medical Association’s top awards.

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