World media roundup – 20 May 2014

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Teaching doctors when to stop treatment

The Washington Post

Understanding palliative care and when it’s best to offer it is key, instead of medication that doesn’t work.

Proposed law would clarify who gets access to a deceased person’s digital accounts

Pew Research

A draft US Act would allow fiduciaries (a personal representative of a deceased person’s estate; someone carrying out a power-of-attorney; a trustee of a trust; or someone appointed by a court to act on behalf of a protected person) access to online accounts when someone dies.

My moral crisis

It’s OK to Die

Dr Monica Williams-Murphy writes about hospice principles and emergency medicine.

Addressing death is an important aspect of public health


Craig Chen on the importance of planning for end of life.

Should the dead roll over to make room for real estate?

The Conversation

Patrick Stokes, Lecturer in Philosophy at Deakin University, Australia, looks at how we treat the dead.

Raising the profile of children’s palliative care in Hungary

ehospice International children’s edition

The successful 3rd International Children’s Palliative Care Congress held in Pécs has done much to raise awareness of the work of the two children’s hospice in Hungary and an opportunity to highlight the excellent work they do.

New guide helps people with MND plan for end of life

ehospice UK

The MND Association has published a new guide to help people with motor neurone disease, their families and carers, to better navigate and manage end of life care.

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