World media roundup – 21 May 2014

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Developing a more compassionate community: Dr Kathleen McLoughlin is honoured for her work in palliative care


Dr Kathleen McLoughlin, Compassionate Communities Project Co-ordinator, Milford Care Centre, Ireland, talks to EAPC Board member Irene Murphy about her work in palliative care, which led to her recent award of CMG Irish Healthcare Person of the Year 2014.

Palliative sedation creating debate over end of life treatment

Canada – CBC News

Article on palliative sedation, which is fraught with controversy among doctors around the world.

Balance harms and benefits of palliative chemotherapy at end of life

US- Connect ONS

A new study reported in the Journal of Clinical Oncology has investigated how palliative chemotherapy affects aspects of patients’ care in the final weeks.

LA-area healthcare providers to issue guidelines for end of life care

US- LA Times

A coalition of Los Angeles-area healthcare providers are to endorse some groundbreaking guidelines designed to help patients take more control over their final months, weeks and days.

Let there be no doubt, I will decide when I die

Australia- The Sydney Morning Herald

“I will not accept dying at the end of a morphine drip in a drugged state. It would not benefit my family, my friends or me,” writes Peter Short.

Do Not Resuscitate: what young doctors would choose

The New York Times – The New Old Age blog

Blog about the attitudes of doctors towards advance directives and end of life care.

What doctors tweet about when they tweet about cancer

Kevin MD

“When doctors tweet about oncology, they tweet about breast cancer,” writes Brian Reid.

Taking palliative care into the community – it’s not terribly British

ehospice UK

Across the ehospice editions today we are exploring the issue of integrating palliative care. UK editor, Rosie Brown, reflects on bringing the conversation into the community.

Ministry of Health takes integration of palliative care more seriously

ehospice Kenya

Palliative care is one of the many topics to be discussed in this year’s Kenya Cancer Research and Control National Stakeholder Meeting.

Can social media help the grieving process?

ehospice International children’s edition

An honest look at the role that social media can play in facilitating the grief process of parents and family members on losing a beloved child.

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