World Media Roundup – 22 September 2014

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New End-of-Life Discussion Codes a Step Toward Reimbursement?


The American Medical Association (AMA) has released current procedural terminology (CPT) codes for advance care planning services, a necessary step for Medicare to begin considering reimbursement for end-of-life discussions between physicians and patients.

Some inmates should have the right to euthanasia

New Scientist

Should convicted prisoners facing life behind bars get the right to die on the grounds of their tortured existence? Sometimes, says a doctor with experience of treating inmates who have attempted suicide.

A question you can never prepare for

 “I was wondering. Do you think I will die today?”  In my years of medical training and practice, this was a question for which I had never prepared. Not infrequently, a cancer patient will ask me to estimate how long they have left and in those instances … no one, though, had ever asked the question quite like this, writes Bruce Campbell.

A celebration of life, before the hardest goodbye

The Sydney Morning Herald

This is Rebecca Cohen’s “living” wake, a rare chance to celebrate her life and bid goodbye in the flesh, an unconventional approach that is slowly growing in popularity.

Tanzanian and American hospice united in compassionate care

ehospice Africa

What does a hospital caring for dying patients in rural Africa and a nonprofit hospice and palliative care agency in the northeastern United States have in common? More than one might think.

Western Australian researchers survey pharmacist attitudes to palliative care

ehospice Australia

Part of a wider project investigating the role of community pharmacy in palliative care, the survey involved 250 pharmacists from around Australia.

Every Death is Different: Hospice professional’s reflection

ehospice USA

“Some deaths are more complicated than others…” writes a hospice professional who shares two personal experiences at the end of life and lessons learned.

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