World Media Roundup – 23 January 2015

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Australian doctors devise checklist to spot elderly patients most at risk of death

Eureka Alert

The aim of Critera for Screening and Triaging to Appropriate aLternative care, or CriSTAL for short, is to kickstart frank discussions about end of life care, and minimise the risk of further futile treatment.

Training the next generation of doctors in palliative care is a key to the new era of value-based care

US – Forbes

With an aging population and chronic disease on the rise, team-based palliative care may well be the defining issue in the future of healthcare.

Psychosocial determinants of physicians’ intention to practice euthanasia in palliative care

Canada – 7th Space

Study aiming to fill a gap in the literature by identifying the psychosocial determinants of physicians’ intention to practice euthanasia in palliative care and verifying whether respecting the patient’s autonomy is important for physicians.

Life, death and the law: families making end of life decisions

Canada – Global News

Talking about death isn’t the easiest thing for families to discuss, but 16×9’s “Life, Death and the Law” found that the conversation can be important – especially if someone in the family is gravely ill and wants to hasten their own death.

Cancer deaths in UK youngsters drop by nearly 60 per cent in 40 years

Health Canal

Cancer deaths in children and young people in the UK have fallen by 58 per cent in the past 40 years, according to new figures announced by Cancer Research UK today.

New study finds UK failing adults with life-limiting condition

Health Canal

Adults in the UK with Duchenne muscular dystrophy are being failed on critical medical checks that could lengthen their lives, according to research published by Newcastle University.

Upcoming Webinar: “Palliative Care Approach to Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias”

ehospice USA

NHPCO will be offering a webinar on 12 February that will explore the benefits of palliative care in supporting patients and families living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Stress of family caregiving ‘red flagged

ehospice Canada

Many people caring for a chronically ill family member say they’re very stressed, according to the Mental Health Commission of Canada. It’s calling for better access to mental health treatment as a top priority.

PCA repeats its call for feasibility study into homecare community packages

ehospice Australia

Publication this week of the authors’ perspective of the Grattan Institute report: ‘Dying Well’ in the Medical Journal of Australia revisits Palliative Care Australia’s call for better access to community packages that would allow more Australians to exercise their preferred option of dying at home.

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