World Media Roundup 26 September 2013

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Review of hospice care; today’s hospices are built for yesterday

Singapore- Straits Times 

A nine-month review of the end of life care sector in Singapore has found that hospices are isolated from the community and are not designed to support palliative care. The review has made recommendations to improve end of life care in Singapore. 

Palliative and Hospice Comfort Chinese Seniors at the End of Life

US- New America Media 

In an article originally published in Chinese, author Richard Lee addresses the under use of hospice and palliative care services by Chinese Americans.

Euthanasia cases in the Netherlands rise by 13% in a year

The Netherlands- The Guardian 

The number of assisted suicides in the Netherlands rose by 13% in 2012, the sixth consecutive year of increases, according to the commission that vets voluntary euthanasia in the country.

Death Dinners at Baby Boomers’ Tables Take on Dying Taboo

US: Bloomberg

Death is discussed at the dinner table as people host dinner parties to bring this taboo subject into conversation as part of the project: ‘Let’s have dinner and talk about death.’

A new initiative: the Palliative Care Motorbike Nurse

Cameroon: Beryl Thyer Memorial Africa Trust

New funding covers the purchase of a motorbike and the salary of a nurse to use it to reach children with life-limiting illnesses in Cameroon. 

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