World media roundup – 28 January 2014

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The final 39 days

Mail Online

Malaysian photojournalist Ahmad Yusni has documented his younger brother Mohammad Sani’s battle with cancer.

A burial plot in Beijing now costs as much as a house in parts of the US

China- TIME

With prices in Beijing cemeteries increasing more than 30% per year, the Chinese capital is a place where many simply can’t afford to die.

NHI to include neighborhood hospice care for terminally ill

Taiwan- The China Post

The National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) has announced that neighborhood hospice care for terminally ill patients will be officially included in national health insurance plans from January.

APCA celebrates 10 years of promoting palliative care in Africa

Modern Ghana

The African Palliative Care Association (APCA) is this year celebrating 10 years of promoting palliative care in Africa.

Rwanda’s health service evolution

The Guardian (podcast)

Rwanda has been praised for the development of its healthcare, despite having only 625 doctors at the start of the decade.

South Korea’s rapid economic rise leaves many of its elderly facing poverty

The Guardian

Cut-throat nature of modern Korean society has eroded the traditional social contract dictating that children care for their parents.

Why hospice workers fare better than other home health workers

US- Leading Age

Hospice workers fare better than other categories of home health workers and are less likely to leave their jobs, according to a new study.

The Story of Sthabile

ehospice South Africa

Sthabile was a patient at the Highway Hospice In-Patient Unit in Kwazulu – Natal, Cape Town.

A Graceful Death

ehospice UK

In a two-part series, artist Antonia Rolls writes for ehospice about her exhibition ‘A Graceful Death’, and how the death of her husband Steve inspired her to paint other people facing the end of their lives.

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