World media roundup – 28 October 2013

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The Face Of Hope

US and Jamaica- The Crab Diaries

US physician, Miranda Fielding, writes about her recent visit to Hope Institute, a small cancer hospital run by the Jamaican Ministry of Health. Special thanks given to Dr Dingle Spence. 

It’s my business how I end my life: the former judge who flouts the law

Australia- The Guardian

As Gough Whitlam’s attorney general, Kep Enderby was Australia’s first law officer. Today he and his wife keep his and hers jars of the banned drug Nembutal for the day they decide they want to die.

Obituary: Palliative care physician Larry Librach had a passion for compassion

Canada- The Globe and Mail

When Larry Librach began practising medicine in 1970, few people would have understood the term palliative care. And if they understood it, they might have found the idea shocking.

Scorpions sing to Russian hospice patient after FB post

Russia- RT

The lead singer of the Scorpions rock band called a young Russian man with incurable cancer and sang to him after 5,000 Facebook users joined together to help the hospice patient’s most cherished dream become reality.

Setting goals for end of life care

Canada- The Star

The Supreme Court decision in the Rasouli case has underscored the need to improve communication with families of terminally ill inpatients.

Celebrating the best in South Australian palliative care

ehospice Australia

On October 14 the Palliative Care Council South Australia (PCCSA) recognised 10 individuals and teams for their efforts in delivering quality care at the end of life to people facing death and bereavement.

Dr Scott Wooder chats about end of life

ehospice Canada

Dr Scott Wooder, President of the Ontario Medical Association, chatted with Ontarians on end of life care and advance care planning.

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