World media roundup – 29 May 2014

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Palliative care strategy call backed by House of Commons

Canada- CBC News

In a rare show of near all-party unity, the House of Commons has endorsed New Democrat MP Charlie Angus’s call for a cross-country strategy on palliative and end of life care.

Most doctors wouldn’t want intensive care at the end of life

US- Reuters Health

Most doctors would not want high-intensity treatment near the end of life, according to a new study from Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dreams or delirium? Why making the right call is important


A new study recommends that palliative care workers should be aware of “end of life dreams and vision” and keep their benefits in mind when making medication decisions.

Ontario’s doctors launch end of life care plan

Canada NewsWire

A new framework has been launched in Ontario to enhance care for people at the end of their lives.

App aims to make caring for an ill loved one less onerous

US- Boston Globe

A new app – Making Care Easier – aims to help people plan and manage the healthcare needs of family members.

Cancer care for international patients


Oncologist Don S. Dizon on treating “medical tourists” and the importance of balancing length of life with quality of life.

Personal experience helped author understand that dying can’t “be left to chance”

ehospice Australia

Diagnosis of a terminal illness may be a devastating verdict but the inevitability means that we should plan for it … we should take control.

First palliative care workshop held in Burundi

ehospice Africa

Ciza Bonne, one of the coordinating committee of a recent palliative care training session in Burundi, writes for ehospice about why it was an important step forward for palliative care in Burundi.

He had pain, but it was relieved

ehospice Kenya

Nairobi Hospice managed the pain of one elderly man living in a metal shack in the outskirts of a Nairobi slum.

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