World media roundup – 5 November 2013

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Viewers reach out to woman denied hospice care because of where she lives

US- CBS Sacramento

A woman dying from cancer who was denied hospice care because nurses said they were afraid of crime in the area, is now getting the care she needs.

Hospice NZ appealing for people to share precious moments

New Zealand- Voxy

Hospice NZ is appealing to people on Facebook to share what makes them tick, what gives them joy – how they live every moment.

Futile measures deprive others of ICU care

US- MedPage Today

Patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) who are unlikely to benefit from the care they’re getting may be receiving treatment at a cost to other patients who would actually gain from an ICU bed, researchers have said.

Palliative care in critical care settings: Call for papers for a special edition of Palliative Medicine


Palliative Medicine has launched a new call for papers for a forthcoming special edition focusing on palliative care in critical care settings.

Rural cancer survival rates lag behind city

Australia- Health Canal

Cancer patients in rural and remote Australian communities continue to be at increased risk of death compared with their urban-dwelling counterparts, despite decreases in the number of cancer deaths overall.

On cooks and cookbooks: Failure of a palliative care pathway

GeriPal blog

Commentary on The Liverpool Care Pathway – an intervention designed to export the best of hospice and palliative medicine to non-palliative care clinicians in hospitals – and why it is being scrapped in England.

Does restricting Vicodin make sense?

US- Kevin MD

Commentary on plans to restrict Vicodin in the US.

Should dying patients be able to donate organs?

US- Boston Globe

Commentary on the difficulty in determining when to remove the organs of deceased people, in order to enable loved ones to donate them before they’ve become too damaged to use.

Pallium India Newsletter October

Update from Pallium India about its work and developments in India.

November is National Hospice Palliative Care Month

ehospice USA

Reaching out to local communities is a daily activity at the more than 5,000 hospice organizations across the country. Every November, this activity is amplified as the nation’s hospice and palliative care community observes National Hospice Palliative Care Month.

Children aren’t supposed to die

ehospice International Children’s edition

Dr Mary Ellen Macdonald’s presentation at the first CHPCA Pediatric Palliative Care Satellite Symposium gave delegates much food for thought on current trends in thinking about child death.

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