World media roundup – 6 February 2014

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2500 people daily need palliative care in Armenia


Head of Staff of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Armenia, Suren Krmoyan, talks about palliative care developments in the country.

Palliative care services to reach doorsteps

The New Indian Express

Even as the State Government has started work on creating daycare chemotherapy centres at the district hospitals, it is set to take cancer-care initiatives to a further level by facilitating delivery of palliative care services at the doorsteps of the patients.

Change drug policies to ease pain of terminal cancer patients with morphine, doctors say

The Times of India

Palliative care or pain management for cancer patients urgently needs government attention and a change in narcotics and healthcare policies.

MORE intervention reduces pain and opioid misuse

News Medical

A new treatment developed by University of Utah researcher Eric Garland has shown to not only lower pain but also decrease prescription opioid misuse among chronic pain patients.

Cancer is not war

Sunrise Rounds blog

Like war, the memories linger for cancer survivors long after the event has passed. However, unlike war, cancer is no one’s fault. When we label the quest for a cure as war, we imply that there are two sides in this battle and that there is guilt all around.

Actually TIME, this is what the ‘Mindful Revolution’ really looks like

Huffington Post

This article explores Mindfulness in general and highlights how it can help all of us to better cope with ageing and death.

ASH 2013: Cancer care planning and palliative care: advocates and clinicians working together

Advocacy in Action

In this instalment of educational videos from the American Society of Hematology (ASH), the panel discusses what the clinicians need from the advocate community to help with palliative care and cancer care planning education.

Exit Laughing: Kathy Kastner at TEDxYorkU

ehospice Canada

In her Tedx appearance at York University, former Entertainment Reporter Kathy Kastner describes her journey through the development of Ability4Life and Best Endings.

1.4 million pounds raised for children with cancer

ehospice Africa

The charity ‘World Cancer Child’ has raised 1.4 million pounds as part of the Financial Times’ Christmas Appeal as well as invaluable awareness around child cancer and palliative care in Africa.

Against the odds: A moving Croakey long read about life and loss, care and community

ehospice Australia

New South Wales farmer David Marsh writes about his son Matthew’s life and death, of the impact of grief, and what good care can mean – from a heart surgeon, family and friends, the community.

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