Zambia’s first Lady Christine Kaseba conferred palliative care patron at State House event

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In an article published in the Zambia Daily Mail, Dr Kaseba was quoted saying: “As a health professional, I have learnt that delivering the best palliative care to all is vital and critical to adding life to days and not days to the lives of our loved ones.” 

Upon her public acceptance of the status of Patron of PCAZ, Dr Kaseba launched the Caring Beyond Duty campaign, which aims to promote and ensure quality care for the needy.

According to the article, Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) Executive chairperson Mr Handson Sindowe donated a cheque of K10 million to the association. 

At the same function, Dr Faston Goma, Chairperson of the PCAZ, appealed to organisations and other stakeholders to emulate the CEC move to support the association and find ways of  improving care for their employees who may be in need of palliative care. 

“We are very proud of our great achievement as a Zambian association. Our first lady accepted to be our patron because we recognize that she is a selfless and committed woman to caring beyond duty which is in line of PCAZ aspiration,” said Njekwa Lumbwe, National Coordinator of PCAZ.

Read more in the Daily Mail online.

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