Nyeri Hospice Inpatient Wing Launch 2nd October 2020

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We are ecstatic to announce that Nyeri Hospice has an inpatient wing.

Nyeri Hospice is situated in Nyeri County (Mount Kenya Region) in central Kenya. It is the first rural hospice which started operating on the 1st of October 1995 as a satellite branch of Nairobi Hospice to cater to patients with the life-limiting illness of cancer.

Their services and activities include home-based care, carer’s training, mentorship programme, daycare services, stoma group therapy, bereavement support, counseling in palliative care among others. Nyeri Hospice won the 1st Award in the International Journal of Palliative Nursing (IJPN) in the U.K. Being the only Hospice in Africa to have won the award. With the Help of donors and the local community, they are now able to take care of both cancer and HIV / AIDS patients and the number is increasing.

The launch was held on 2nd October 2020. October being breast cancer awareness month, we would like to applaud the exemplary staff at Nyeri Hospice for their tireless efforts in serving the community. The occasion was graced by distinguished guests such as The County Governor Hon. Mutahi Kahiga, Stephen Musya CEO Nyeri Hospice, Mr. Tarsem Sembhi Chairman Nyeri Hospice, Dr. Zipporah Ali – Executive Director Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA).

The colourful event was marked with speeches from the host CEO Nyeri Hospice, guests, and a recovered patient who benefited from the facility.


“Today is a special day for us here as we launch the Inpatient wing. We could not have accomplished this without the help of our partners. We will continue to serve those who need us in our community. We have also had support from our national association KEHPCA this far.” – Stephen Musya – CEO Nyeri Hospice.



“In the first year, Nyeri Hospice attended to approximately 200 patients. Today the hospice attends to an average of 200 patients per month. Health in this country has become a luxury. We will keep the cost at this facility a low as possible. We would like to thank Dr. Zipporah Ali and the team at KEHPCA. She has kept going. We have a fantastic team under the leadership of our CEO Stephen.” Mr. Tarsem Sembhi – Chairman Nyeri Hospice.



“Today marks a great milestone for Nyeri Hospice and palliative care in the community and the nation as well. We are so proud of the achievement and the milestone achieved. I can testify to the hard work and the excellent staff here at Nyeri Hospice. We have been working closely over the years to see that the facility has quality resources to be of service to the people of Nyeri who need the help provided here. We will continue to work closely with the team here at Nyeri as we work to ensure that quality palliative care is a human right for all who need it.” – Dr. Zipporah Ali – Executive director KEHPCA.



“The ultimate test is catering to patients who need care the most. Those who cannot afford the care, not the rich. The essence of living is touching the lives of those who need it. Let us stop stigmatizing people in our society who need care.” Governor Nyeri County, H. E. Hon. Mutahi Kahiga.




H. E. Hon. Mutahi Kahiga – Governor Nyeri County.



“I remember when I walked into the hospice for the first time. I thought here is where they sell horse pipes because of the word hospice. I met compassionate people. The county government supports the hospice with drugs and compensating the staff. I have lived in a home with family members with cancer that is why I am so passionate. Had the hospice been there back in the day, maybe we would not have been so traumatized. There is a lot of fear when it comes to cancer screening. We still need to do more.” – Dr. Caroline Karugu – Deputy Governor, Nyeri County.




Cancer is not a death sentence. Do not fear. I received a lot of help from Nyeri Hospice and now I am a cancer survivor. I am now a volunteer. Cancer is curable for those who have hope.” Mr. Kamwaro – Cancer Survivor.



Volunteers are essential to the work at Nyeri hospice. The facility would not have been able to run as it is running without their contribution.



Nyeri Hospice Staff.







Male Ward







Female Ward







Private Ward






Guests in attendance







Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association Executive Director – Dr. Zipporah Ali interacting with the staff at Nyeri Hospice.






KEHPCA Staff presenting a gift to Nyeri Hospice.







Dr. Zipporah Ali – Executive Director KEHPCA signing the visitor’s book.




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