Hospice and Department of Health join forces

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Community screening and testing for Covid-19 was offered at various locations earlier this week.

Countries across the world have been mobilising for weeks in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus, implementing mass testing, technology, lockdowns and social distancing to stem the tide of infections.

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On the local front, staff at South Coast Hospice and the Department of Health combined forces in offering community screening and testing for Covid-19 at Southcoast Mall, Shelly Centre, Boxer Centre in Gamalakhe and the Margate and Port Edward taxi ranks during last week.

Shoppers make the most of the Covid-19 screening and testing offered at Southcoast Mall earlier this week.

Fund-raising co-ordinator at South Coast Hospice ‘BT’ King said South Coast Hospice wanted to support laboratories that may be under strain with the increased volume of tests needed. “We need to predict the trajectory of this pandemic. With a greater testing capacity comes a truer picture of the spread of the virus,” she said.

Prince Nkabane is screened by Patricia Nkabane, a nurse from South Coast Hospice. 5920vee

The testing was conducted outside the various premises, with each site being equipped with protective equipment for staff including face screens, gloves, masks, protective gowns and disposal equipment.

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