Hospice launches Kingfisher Project

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Watch out for the imminent launch of South Coast Hospice’s ‘Kingfisher Project’ on Facebook and Instagram (@hospicesouthcoast).

The symbol, or emblem, of the project is a ship, beautifully painted by resident artist Duncan Shoesmith.

It symbolises the journey a patient takes, as well as the 37 years the good ship South Coast Hospice has endured on the coast.

There have been times of smooth sailing and there have been stormy waters.

And then there has been the arrival of the coronavirus which has chopped up the ocean, so to speak, in unprecedented fashion.

It has put immense pressure on everyone and hospice, too, has been severely affected.

“We’ve carried cancer patients and their families, as well as staff and the community in general, and aim to continue doing so,” said CEO Di van Dyk.

“However, due to the effects of lockdown, many businesses and donors have struggled and have not been able to contribute as freely as they would like. The pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on our ability to raise funds,” she said.

With this in mind, the loyal and hard-working hospice crew members have pledged that they themselves will make significant sacrifices in order to survive.

“It is with this intent that we have launched the Kingfisher Project and through BT King’s hard-working efforts we hope to raise the funds to continue to provide much-needed care and support to vulnerable people with life-limiting illnesses,” said Mrs Van Dyk.

Services offered include home care, inpatient unit, doctor consultations, cancer screening, psychological counselling, social services, support groups, chronic medicines distribution, adherence support, training and mobile clinic services.

Ever the optimist, she quoted the words of singer Rod Stewart: ‘We are sailing, we are sailing, home again, ‘cross the sea, we are sailing, stormy waters to be near you, to be free.’

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