Memories that becomes a legacy

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She and her father, George, chose to celebrate her mother’s life with a gathering of friends who all wore bright, happy colours and released white balloons at the beach, one of her mom’s favourite places.

Lauren speaks highly of the care and support her mother and their family received from Helderberg Hospice. “You started my healing before my mom was even gone and that is why I can smile and be happy!  Yes, the sad times will come but they will be followed by a smile at the good memories of the times we had together.  Thank you, Helderberg Hospice for everything…  I will continue to support you and tell people about you because you truly sent amazing  people to help us deal with our tough times!”

Lauren’s mother died shortly before her 60th birthday and in honour of this special  day, Lauren made a contribution box so that family, friends and her work clients could give a donation in aid of Helderberg hospice, in lieu of a gift that could no longer be given.

Lauren has pledged to continue to support Heldrberg Hospice in the years to come.  This is a living legacy in memory of her mother.  At Helderberg Hospice we are dependent on the community we serve to include us in the legacies they create.  Whether financial or otherwise, legacies help to make it possible for us to provide our special care.

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