Merryl Fryer’s HPCA Conference experience

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Which session’s did you attend that addressed children’s palliative care?

 all the sessions concerning children’s palliative care. Joan Marston’s plenary session was my favourite, I learnt a whole lot. I also attended Michelle Mering’s session about perinatal loss as well as Busi Nkosi’s session where she discussed euthanasia.

What did you learn about children’s palliative care? What  out the most?

I found the discussion around euthanasia quite interesting. I learnt that most of the time the child does not have a voice, as decisions are often left to the doctors or families. The perinatal sessions were incredibly informative to me as I am currently reading about perinatal palliative care availability in Pretoria as a means of support for the parents with babies who have life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

Do you offer children’s palliative care services at your hospice? If so, what do you provide?

, we do offer children’s palliative care services at Sungardens Hospice, but only a very small percentage of our patients are children. 

Any other thoughts on children’s palliative care you would like to share?

I feel that caring for these kids is definitely one of the most difficult aspects of palliative care. It is heart-breaking.

Are you aware of ICPCN’s e-learning courses? Is it something you would be in?

I wasn’t aware of your e-learning course until today. I’ve got an e-learning information brochure and it is definitely something I would love to .

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