Miss Inspire SA donates to Hospice

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Saleha Maharaj, Miss Inspire SA Woman 2020, donated several items to Hospice East Rand (HER) recently.

The Boksburg resident said: “We need each other to move forward from our problems in South Africa.

According to Siepman, this Benoni working woman aims to create awareness of such positivity and provides a platform for the youth to be the change.

“As part of her role, Saleha created the opportunity for community members to donate items they no longer needed. These items were then donated to Hospice East Rand for resale in our charity shops,” Siepman explained.

“She shared that Hospice is an essential part of the community and explained that not everyone has access to expensive medical care for life-limiting illnesses. Thus, where there is no financial aid available and nowhere to turn for help, Hospice shines a light of hope.

“Saleha was positive when speaking about the impact that Hospice East Rand has on the community and individually. When a loved one is ill, life can become very stressful and morbid but Hospice East Rand is there to make the situation bearable in providing a level of comfort and care.”

When asked why she entered the Miss Inspire SA Pageant, Saleha shared from her own childhood experience.

“As a child or teenager you are always looking for guidance and answers. I want to inspire our youth to make positive choices.”

For her, it’s about her empowerment and helping others learn from her experience.

Hospice East Rand is situated at 218 Kemston Avenue and may be contacted on 011 422 1531. 

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