Nelspruit Hospice reflects on fundraising

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Reflections is a fundraising initiative in aid of Nelspruit Hospice. All funds raised will be used to enable the organisation to continue to render home-based palliative care to its patients.

A total of 150 mirrors with raw wooden frames will be available for sale from August 11 to October 16 at Hospice House. These will then need to be decorated and donated back to Nelspruit Hospice.

The finished, decorated frames will be listed on the Nelspruit Hospice online auction site and will be available to bid on during a two-week period at the end of November and beginning December.

“Apart from the fact that the Reflections fundraising initiative involves framed mirrors, it signifies reflections on life. When we reflect, we consider deeply something that we might not otherwise have given much thought to,” said Elmarie du Toit of Nelspruit Hospice.

“Such issues might be life and death matters, which we are faced with every day at Nelspruit Hospice. Reflections help us to process our thoughts and feelings about life and death and give us a chance to come to terms with our thoughts and feelings about it.”

As a non-profit organisation, Nelspruit Hospice has been severely impacted by Covid-19 which has resulted in many of the awareness days and fundraising initiatives being cancelled or postponed.

Reflections is an opportunity for hospice to create awareness in the community of what it does and to get people to actively participate in the fundraising initiative by purchasing and decorating a framed mirror and then subsequently by taking part in the online auction.

“We hope that this initiative will enable us to raise funds that are critical in helping us to continue to take care of our patients with life-threatening illnesses and to support their families,” said Du Toit.

The mirrors are 45 centimetres by 45 centimetres and to buy one with a raw wooden frame will cost R150. These are for sale at Nelspruit Hospice, 84 Ferreira Street, Mbombela.

Information of the purchaser will be captured electronically by the organisation for the purpose of future awareness and fundraising communication. Name, telephone number and email address as well as preferred method of communication. The purchased framed mirrors are then decorated or transformed in a creative way in line with the theme – Reflections.

The completed mirrored frame, with the entry form, is then returned to Nelspruit Hospice by November 3. Unfortunately late entries will not be listed on the website for auction.

An entry form also needs to be completed with name, address, telephone number and email address as well as the title of the completed frame and rationale. A photograph of each entry will be taken and uploaded to the auction site, with the information from your entry form.

The auction site will be hosted on the Nelspruit Hospice website under the Reflections tab and will go live on the evening of November 22. The online auction will take place from November 23 to December 6 at 24:00.

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