Reigniting my passion for compassion and care through hospice

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Virginia shared with us her journey of how she unexpectedly came into contact with hospice and how after 12 years the passion remains as strong as ever.

Growing up in Kimberley

She grew up in Kimberley and spent most of her life in an area called Homestead. Once she had finished school, finding a job was difficult for her so for the majority of the time, before she started at Saint Teresa’s Hospice, she was at home doing jobs here and there. “I completed a couple of courses after schooling as well, like a first aid course which I remember very well, however the problem was really just finding work and getting a job”.

Coming across Saint Teresa’s hospice unexpectedly

Virginia jokes about how unexpectedly she came across the hospice. She was just literally walking around one day, looking and asking around for a job, when something drew her to Saint Teresa’s Hospice. “They were very friendly and open to me. They told me that there wasn’t currently space for employment but I can volunteer if I would like, which I said yes to.”

Volunteering experience

“In the beginning it was challenging being around patients and people with illness, because it was something that I had experienced very often in my life, but as time went by I got used to it and I enjoyed helping the children out a lot, especially those whose parents abandoned them. I became their mother so to say.”

Permanently filled with compassion for 12 years and running

Virginia then received the news that there was a permanent post available for which she applied and got as a full-time caregiver. “The job involves looking after the children and adults, but more so the children and just making sure that they eat thrice a day, that they are kept busy and most importantly that they take their medication.”

Virginia has been at Teresa’s Hospice for 12 years and she remarks that the job has completely changed her life for the better.

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