Social Butterfly Campaign Sees Global Response

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The campaign called people to wear temporary butterfly tattoos to show their support. The butterfly, symbol of HPCA, represents the butterfly effect – how one small gesture or one small message can continue to grow and ultimately have a significant impact.

HPCA were blown away when receiving reports that this campaign had seen support all the way from Germany. Tracey Stross completed a half marathon in Aschaffenburg, Germany, finishing at the Castle Johannesburg. Tracey proudly ran with her butterfly tattoo (printed onto her running gear) in honour of her brother Lee and friend, both of whom she lost to cancer. In a post to Facebook, Tracey had the following to say, “On World Hospice Palliative Care Day, I would like to pay tribute to the wonderful ladies at the Helderberg Hospice, who were our watchmen, keepers and warriors of care during the time we were pushed beyond what was humane. I am so grateful for the passion you bestowed upon Lee, and upon us.”

It is amazing to see the significant impact that the work of Hospice can have on patients and their families. With this being the first year of the campaign, who knows how many more butterflies will spread hurricanes of care and support around the world?

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