Stories Are A Key Part of Our Legacy

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Helderberg Hospice understand the power of words. They recently refreshed their mission statement and painted it on the wall in their Reception Area. With the backdrop of Helderberg mountain, it’s an evocative reminder for patients, visitors and staff of why their work is so essential and life-enhancing.

The Hospice has also built a strong relationship with Master Storyteller, Dorian Haarhoff, who encourages patients to consider their stories as a part of their legacy as well. Dorian notes that, “Every death is a double death for when we die, the library inside our heads with the stories in our hearts dies too. Unless we have shared them.

Dorian goes on to encourage that, “Sharing your story, or receiving the story of someone who is dying, enriches both the storyteller and the listener, and can offer peace and healing. The word remember has two opposites – to forget and dismember. When we tell our stories we re-member. We put what belongs together in a holistic way – with twists and turns. Let us leave our legacy, let us leave our gifts.”

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