@_EOLP: The End of Life Partnership takes to Twitter!

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The twitter community is full of exciting and inspiring palliative care networks and @_EOLP is looking forward to connecting, sharing, and working in partnership with these communities to promote hospice and palliative care.

Twitter brings people together from all over the world and, as an organisation founded on the principles of partnership working, we are looking forward to developing and contributing to our online community.

On 22 October a symposium, facilitated by the partnership, will be debating resuscitation decisions in palliative care. It will take place at St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice in Winsford, and we have been able to secure some expert speakers. The debate looks set to be a lively, informative and useful one.

Making the decision to attempt, or not to attempt, resuscitation is one that many health professionals find themselves faced with every day. This debate will shine a light on the complexities of these decisions and will explore some of the key elements for getting them right.

We are eager to hear your thoughts and would like to invite you to submit questions and to offer your views using the hashtag #DNAR15.

The symposium will be examining the decision making process from a variety of perspectives, before moving on to cover the importance of communication, and finishing with a conversation about legal and ethical implications.

What next?

Following the launch we will be using Twitter to keep you updated about our innovative palliative care programmes, conferences and events. We will be hosting regular tweet chats, promoting best-practice and providing you with the latest developments in palliative care. We will also be engaging with online communities such as @WeEOLC and #Nurchat.

If you would like to tag us in a tweet you can use @_EOLP or #EOLP, and we will always aim to get back to you.

Rory (@Roaaary) and Rachel (@Rachel_CLWDW) will be tweeting on behalf of the partnership, and we both look forward to hearing from you.

Anyone is free to join in the debate on resuscitation decisions in palliative care, between 1pm and 5pm (BST) on 22 October, just use the hashtag #DNAR15.

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