Breath-body-mind Integration: 10th November 2023: Sobell Study Centre, Oxford

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This course is for allied and health professionals, therapists, bereavement and social workers, and spiritual care providers interested in broadening their embodied skill set.

We will explore holistic approaches to understanding the complex causes which perpetuate common and difficult symptom “clusters” which are acknowledged to be bi-directionally affected by emotion (e.g. breathlessness-anxiety and pain-depression-fatigue).

We know that emotions affect the body and vice versa and that context (a person’s lifeworld) is key to how they respond to the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual challenges of living with and dying from advanced disease.

Drawing on practical skills from the Wisdom traditions (breathwork, body awareness, micro-meditations) and Western psychology (in particular interpersonal neurobiology) we will learn how to integrate embodied relational skills into our clinical practice.

These gentle skills are of particular use for those for whom language or cognitive difficulties, physical disability/frailty, fatigue, pain, and breathlessness mean that other forms of physical or psychological therapy may be challenging.

We will explore how embodied relational skills may be used to support patients and families at times of stress/distress, promote closeness and wellbeing, and improve professionals’ confidence to rely on themselves as a vital clinical tool whilst remaining safe and whole (boundaries).

The use of body-mind techniques for self-care/flourishing will incorporate so that attendees leave the day feeling relaxed, refreshed, and inspired! Course programme, further details, and bookings via website: www.oxcerpc.or

Oxford Centre for Education and Research in Palliative Care, Sobell Study Centre, Oxford

£110 (In Person & Hybrid)

Facilitator: Kate Binnie

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