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Legacy and in-memory analysts Legacy Foresight are inviting new members to join In-Memory Insight, their research consortium that explores the size, shape and scope of in-memory giving in the UK. It collects hard evidence to inform in-memory fundraising strategies. Marketing executive Sarah McClean explains what the research will involve.

In-Memory Insight is a rolling research programme with each year building on the one before. This year’s research will focus on exploring effective in-memory stewardship, from the perspective of both the charity and the supporter.

Using the approach and findings of Legacy Foresight’s legacy stewardship research project as a framework, this project will look for answers to some big questions, which could be vital to driving up income and engagement – and ultimately, securing the value of legacies made in memory of loved ones.

The work will explore four key angles:

  1. What is stewardship? There are lots of different approaches to in-memory stewardship. No one size fits all, so it’s important to understand the many ways in which stewardship can be managed.
  2. Ideas and activities Examples of particularly innovative or effective approaches, including developing new activities or targeting new in-memory audiences. A mixture of practical recommendations that can be easily implemented and blue-sky ideas for the future.
  3. Targeting and communication Understanding the importance of different in-memory segments when it comes to stewardship. Defining these groups, understanding their journeys and devising appropriate communications
  4. Proving effectiveness Finding hard evidence on which activities/approaches do and don’t work, both from the perspective of the organisation and the donor. This will help focus fundraising efforts and make a case for larger budgets.

Performance benchmarking

In addition to the core research on in-memory stewardship, in-memory performance benchmarking will be carried out, covering the following:

  • In-memory resourcing (staff and spend)
  • Income from: Funeral gifts and other unsolicited In-memory donations Tribute Funds
Donations in response to specific In-memory campaigns Remembrance events
  • Hospice catchment, patient numbers and capacity
  • The propensity of known in-memory supporters to become pledgers
  • % total legacy income from known in-memory supporters
  • The % of in-memory supporters leaving a legacy on death, and the mix/average value of 
their bequests

In-Memory Insight for Hospices

For the past five years, we have teamed up with Hospice UK to offer local hospices reduced membership fees. To date, 28 hospices have taken part in the programme. In recognition of hospices’ important role in in-memory giving and their more limited resources, Legacy Foresight is pleased to offer any local hospice that is a member of Hospice UK a 50% reduction on the standard programme fee.

Interested in taking part?

The project will launch in July 2019, so Legacy Foresight is inviting new members to join the group by June 26. For more information get in touch with Meg Abdy.

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