Code of Good Impact Practice

Categories: Leadership.

The Code of Good Impact Practice provides guidelines to help charities plan, measure and communicate their impact, as well as learn from it.

The code sets out a number of principles and explains how these principles can be applied in four steps: plan, do, assess and review. These principles include:

  • taking responsibility for impact and encourage others to do so too
  • focusing on purpose
  • involving others in your impact practice
  • applying proportionate and appropriate methods and resources
  • considering the full range of the difference you make: positive and negative, planned and unplanned
  • being honest and open
  • being willing to change and act on what you find
  • actively sharing your impact plans, methods, findings and learning.

The draft version of the code can be downloaded from the Inspiring Impact website. Feedback on the draft is invited, and can be provided by completing this survey or completing a form and emailing it to Inspiring Impact.

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