Comic Relief makes Gift Aid claim tool available

Categories: Community Engagement.

The charity’s Gift Aid Interface Link (GAIL) allows charities to connect their own databases directly with CharitiesOnline in order to send Gift Aid claims to HM Revenue and Customs on a daily basis.

This method of making claims is generally aimed at charities making claims on more than 1,000 donations. Smaller charities are more likely to submit claims using the new Charities Online form, or the new ChR1 paper form. Further details on all the options for making claims are available on the HM Revenue and Customs website.

Since 1 October HMRC stopped accepting Gift Aid repayment claims on R68(i) forms.

GAIL is being made available as open source software, and will need to be “plumbed in” to a charity’s existing Gift Aid database, which will take some technical know-how. GAIL and accompanying technical guidance is available via GitHub.

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