Daily News Roundup – 1 March 2013

Categories: In The Media.

Nine out of ten palliative care experts would choose Liverpool Care Pathway for themselves

National End of Life Care Programme

The results of an online survey, published today by BMJ and Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, found that the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) represents best practice for the care of dying patients, according to 89% of UK palliative medicine consultants.

Liverpool Care Pathway: fifth of doctors queasy about always telling relatives

The Telegraph

A fifth of doctors are ambivalent or even hostile to always telling relatives that they are putting a patient on the Liverpool Care Pathway, according to a survey.

A day in the life of a Marie Curie nurse

The Guardian healthcare network

Over 70% of people think we do not have enough conversations about death. Ann Brady outlines a typical shift working in end of life care.

NHS reform ‘complete waste’ warning

BBC News

Opening most of the NHS in England to private firms could alienate doctors and render the reforms ‘a complete waste of time’, a GP who helped draft the plans has warned.

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