Daily News Roundup – 21 October 2015

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Why carers are disadvantaged even when their responsibilities end

The Conversation
Recognition of carers and their vital role in society has never been greater. However, despite being the subject of a series of policy initiatives over the past 30 years – the Care Act 2014 being the latest – carers continue to be profoundly disadvantaged.

More old people in hospital as community care ‘starved’ – Age UK

The Guardian
Thousands of older people are ending up in hospital every year with potentially life-threatening infections because GPs and other community-based NHS services do too little to keep them well, a report from Age UK has warned.

Making end of life care excellent across the country

Huffington Post
MP for Ipswich, Ben Gummer, writes about the generally excellent state of end of life care in the UK, as well as suggesting how it might be improved.

‘The UK is a good place to die’, says Cambridge’s Arthur Rank Hospice chief Lynn Morgan

Cambridge News
With a health economy which is often struggling to cope with demand, it is heartening to see the reports which came out recently which reflected positively about end of life care in the UK.

On assisted dying, California will be a test site for the world

The Guardian
The argument over legalising assisted suicide has nothing to do with religious dogma – it’s about whether a law will protect the weakest in society, and now we can find out.

Assisted dying needs clarity in the courts, says poll

The Scotsman
Several public opinion polls have found that around two-thirds of Scots are in favour of some form of assisted dying legislation being introduced.

How to talk to a terminally ill loved one about their sexual needs

Huffington Post
According to the hierarchy made famous by psychologist Abraham Maslow, humans’ most fundamental needs include air, food, drink, warmth, sleep and sex. That doesn’t change during terminal illnesses, but speaking to a dying loved one about their need for physical intimacy has become a cultural taboo.

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